How to route the incoming call by Salesforce

My customer needs to route the incoming call based the user who pick up before.
He wants to implement Salesforce with freepbx. for example, if the caller called before and answered by user A, The caller will directly be routed the user A; if the callers never call in before, he will be routed to any other other number.
I check the doc, there is no such feature. Can freepbx support that?

This is actually an interesting project, that most probably can be done but is definitely not an out of the box solution.
There’s a third party module that allows dynamic call routing here, but you’d need to create a web service that normalises the caller ID’s of incoming calls, makes an API call to Salesforce and returns the agent name as a text string.

I kinda wish I had the time at the moment to experiment with building, because it would probably be useful to us as well.