How to route all calls through 1 nic e.g eth1

hello, I got freepbx and with 2 nic configured on eth0 and eth3 but for some reason freepbx is using eth3 for outgoing calls and if it got disconnected from eth3 trunk stops working …so what I need is if some one can help me and let me know how to configure it on another nic or reroute all calls on eth0 if eth3 fails or if I can configure it on eth2 for external dialing.

Do you need failover functionality or just direct all calls through eth0 all the time regardless of the state of eth3?

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Thanks for reply ,I need all calls through eth3.

You have two options. Either you set eth3 as your default gateway or you create a static route on eth3 for your provider’s IP.

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and how can i do that ??

If you want to set eth3 as your default gateway, you can do that from Sysadmin module, on network configuration. If you want to create a static route, you need to manually create a file on /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts called route-eth3.cfg and type the static route on it, according to the correct format for CentOS.

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I just checked System Admin module but didn’t find any settings regarding this .can you elaborate please.
i got both eth0 and eth3 set as static ip .

You need to go to network settings, then select your network card and fill the gateway field.

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so if i remove gateway from eth3 will all calls go through eth eth0?? i got both with gateways filled .

You need to decide which network card you want to be your default gateway fill the gateway field and delete the gateway on the other card.

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Thank you , my problem is solved .

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