How to ring ext1 and ext2 when ext3 explicitly dials ext 1

Please bare with my ignorance, but can anyone please help me with this?
Our main number goes to a ring group at the front desk. If it’s a technical support call the lady up front hits 201 (my extension). There is a new guy here and has a phone at 202 and I’d like for that phone to also ring when the lady up front dials 201. I know I could change the BLF keys on the front desk phones to 200 “the tech support ring group”, but just want to know if this is possible? I thought adding 202 in the Follow-Me list would do the trick, but it’s not ringing both phones when I test.


FMFM will work, but you also need to check the value for initial ring time, and choose a ring strategy. Know that this will affect all calls to ext 201, not just calls transferred from reception.

I knew it had to be something simple! I just needed to set the Initial Ring Time to 0.
Thank you so much for responding, Lorne!

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Confirm that Ring Strategy is correctly set. With the default value of ringallv2-prim, 202 won’t ring if 201 is in use.

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