How to Restore freepbx 2.5.2 backup to freepbx 2.8


I want to know how can I use my old backup version of freepbx 2.5.2 to freepbx 2.8

Please help,


Not a problem:
Remove FreePBX 2.8 (if installed).
Install FreePBX 2.5.2.
Restore backup.
Upgrade to 2.8.

I just want to use our backup configuration of freepbx 2.5.2 to restore in a new box using the same version with different password and username in mysql etc… There’s no issue with the 2.8.

not that it answers your question, but what is the issue with 2.8 that you are wanting/needing to go back to 2.5?

What if I install a new 2.5.2 but different username and password in mysql and other configuration. Can I restore the old backup 2.5.2 configurations.

Thank you Mikael

You can’t. You need to restore to 2.5.2, then do an upgrade to 2.8.