How to reset voicemail to get back to the initial setup (record your name, unavailable, busy, new pin)

Is there a good way to completely reset a voicemail so that when the user dials *97 it immediately prompts them for their name, then unavailable greeting, their busy greeting, and a new pin? Just like when the system was initially new and the user dialed *97 for the first time?

I think that deleting the extension and adding the extension again would do it, but is there a better way?

I don’t know if there’s another way to do it, but I went to the voicemail tab in the extension, toggled it to “No” for enabled, hit “Apply Config,” then toggled it back to “Yes.” It sent me through the set up steps again.

Ok, thanks. That’s not too bad of an option.

Under the Settings/Voicemail Admin/Usage tabs you can clean up various things like recordings and old voicemails and passwords for individual mailboxes or the whole PBX. Set the password to the extension number and it will give the user the initial tutorial

So, simply changing the password to the extension number (and doing NOTHING else) will cause the next *97 to go through the entire setup (including recording the name, both greetings, and setting the pin)? Or are you saying that I would also need to clean up the various old recordings as well first?

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