How to replace meetme with app_conference

Hi mates,

I dont have Meetme (zaptel) installed on my vServer (the kernel cannot be compiled in this environment). freePBX includes the configuration of conferences, but to does not work because of the missing zaptel.

Now I have installed app_conference with VICIDIAL ( and in can see it with “show applications”: Conference: Channel Independent Conference

What should i do to get it working from within freepbx? I googled a few days and checked many boards as well, but I dont have a clue about it.

Has anybody an idea how to do it? I have custom contexts installed as well but I dont get it working.

Kind regards,

Well as the PD and Freepbx do not play well and the app u are hoping to get work may not work at all, you could just be spiing your wheels.

Look at the project over a year old with no input…and what input there is… is not good…

Anyone can help me for vicidial
i want to install vicdial with trixbox
i don’t know if that’s possible or no
I am waiting for your help
thanks a lot