How to remove the swap space warning on Freepbx

There should be a setting in Advanced settings to disable the no swap warning message.
My Freepbx system has not had swap for 7 years. Here is one way to remove the notice:

sudo mysql
use asterisk;
UPDATE freepbx_settings SET value = 'PBXact UCC' WHERE keyword = 'DASHBOARD_FREEPBX_BRAND';
truncate table notifications;

what the above does is connect to mysql as user root using unix socket.
selects the asterisk database.
changes the brand from FreePBX to PBXact UCC.
truncates notifications table which clears out any existing notifications, new ones can still be created.

The reason this works is the check for swap space is bypassed if the brand is PBXact UCC, which just goes to show that even FreePBX is aware that there are times when you don’t need to be checking for swap.

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