How to remove an incoming route


normally I press “delete route xx”, than this entry is away. But how can I remove an incoming route, that has no “delete button” - or I ask better: which config file I has to looking for?

I have entries they are damaged and I can not remove them over the freepbx administration .-(


I would like to delete only the wrong tupel - there is a bug in freepbx - you can enter an incoming route with a number like <419962nnnnn>. He saves rubish …

so I have to read a mysql manual - thanks, with your info I should found it

The config is stored in mysql database.
You need to modify the table incoming in database asterisk. The DID column is called extension.

To remove all incoming routes, you can do the following:

# source /etc/amportal.conf
# echo truncate incoming | mysql -u$AMPDBUSER -p$AMPDBPASS $AMPDBNAME
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