How To Remove An Extension Manually


It looks like I’ve got a corrupted extension as when I click on the extension, a blank screen appears. ALL other extensions display correctly.

How do I go about removing an extension manually?


Thank you very much!

I would remove the record using the mysql tool:

From the command prompt

mysql -p

USE asterisk;
DELETE FROM sip WHERE id = 'xxx'; 
DELETE FROM users WHERE extension = 'xxx';
DELETE FROM devices WHERE id = 'xxx';

replace xxx with the extension number.

The stuff in the Asterisk DB such as call forwarding will not be deleted. This also assumes this is a SIP extension.

If you are logged in as root you have to supply the root db password. If you don’t know the root db password you can find the asteriskuser password in /etc/amportal.conf under the variable AMPDBPASS and then use this syntax for mysql:

[code]mysql -u asteriskuser -p’