How to record system recordings

My system was installed by someone else, and I’m trying to maintain it. We need to change our system recordings, but cannot get any other phone to access the *77 function. The only phone that works is inconvenient to use, so we would like to change it to another phone. I was told by someone that the phone used needs to be designated as the Operator Ext. under General Settings, but that is not helping either. Another weird thing is that i can access the *99 function, which says “to listen to it, press 1. to re-record, press *”–so when I press 1, there’s nothing there, but then I can press * & I get a recording tone, record, name, save, etc. Not sure why the *77 doesn’t work. I would love to understand this if anyone can help me out.

I’m using Trixbox CE

Thank you very much for reading-

Are you on the recording interface in FreePBX. That is where you control what extension you make the recording from.

I’m under PBX Settings, then System Recordings–where you enter in your extension number, then hit “Go”. When I go to that extension & dial *77, all I get is dial tone.

Any chance the dial plan on the phone itself is catching the * code or *77. Also, do you see anything on the CLI when you dial *77.

well, it seems I can just go ahead recording by using *99 instead of *77–I just did it multiple times, so I think I’m good. Thanks for trying to help me out-

ok that means that the default code was changed in the feature codes section of the admin interface. Take a look there and confirm it just to be sure.

the codes are all in & enabled correctly–kind of a mystery, as the *77 works on 1 phone on the system, but no others. Thanks–

Are all the phones all the same model ? If they are, are the dialplans on each phone identical. I’ll bet not. When a system function like this does not work it’s most likely a phone/ata dialplan issue with it not passing on the code to the system.