How to record calls from Trunk


Asterisk: 13.29.2

I have the following scenario and I would like to know if I can target that with Asterisk.

Requirement: I would like to record all calls incoming and outgoing including all the announcements and, hold music, etc.

Hypothesis: Recording all calls coming and going through my Trunk.

So I started to read all the documentation I could find, and I found the following below saying that Call Recording on Applications could do that.

Call Recordings provide the ability to force a call to be recorded or not recorded based on a call flow and override other recording settings. If a call is to be recorded, it can start immediately. This will incorporate any announcements, hold music, etc. prior to being answered.

But after have it configured as requested:

Yet I dindt’ see any recording of that.

So I googled a bit more and I could find some people saying that to make it work I need to edit my Dial Plan for my trunk.

I would like to know if this is the right way?
And if yes, so how I should do it properly?

Would be something around here?

This module is intended to be used in the path of incoming calls where only some calls are to be recorded. Otherwise, just set Call Recording for all the Inbound Routes for that trunk to Force.

This module is not useful for outgoing calls, without some custom dialplan. However, if you want to record all calls that go through one or more Outbound Routes, set Call Recording for those routes to Force.

If your situation is more complex, for example an Outbound Route lists multiple trunks, but only calls over a specific trunk should be recorded, you will need to write some custom dialplan.

Hi Stewart,

Thank you for your reply, but I think I was not clear about the requierments nor the configuration I would like to achieve, so I’ll try to clarify that.

I would like to have one recording file for each call, no matter if it is inbound or outbound including all the audio heard during the call.

Previous Scenario
I had the enforcement of call recording on Inbound and Outbound routes, and that was working pretty fine untill I was request to record the whole call including annoucements and others things.

Besides that I found another issue; when an agent makes an outbound call through my outbound route and later transfer that to a queue, the call recording file is finished just having the audio related the first UniqueID, but rest of the call (when someone else retrieve the call) is not recorded, problably because the context was changed from-trunk to from-internal.


So, I was thinking to solve all my problems using Call Recording App. There is anyway to config (somehow) to record all the call like an any line side recording (FXO) using E1 does?

If not, I would like to understand a bit more how Asterisk work, so could you please teach me why Asterisk can’t record the whole call in a raw file?


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