How to recompile asterisk for FreePBX 3.211.63-8

We are running the FreePBX distro 3.211.63-8 with Asterisk Everything works great except that we need to add prack (100rel) support to one server which is not currently present in stock Asterisk so we need to recompile Asterisk with the custom prack version and I have never done this before. Can I get a couple of pointers please?

  1. Do we need to also compile DAHDI & libpri or can we keep the distro compiled versions?

  2. Do I use “svn checkout…” or “wget…” to download the Asterisk version I need?

  3. Are the steps below correct or am I missing something? I am not sure if I need “./configure” and “make menuconfig”. I read there is no need to run a configuration script for Asterisk

cd /usr/src/asterisk-version
make clean
make menuconfig
make install

Maybe this:-

read all the cautions.

But probably another argument as to getting a “softswitch” and handle it more appropriately there.

Thanks. I guess I’ll have to repeat the recompile every time I do a distro upgrade.

WRT the “softswitch” suggestion I am afraid I’ll simply switch one set of problems with another. In my experience every platform has it’s strengths and weaknesses so a softswitch may handle this better but will have shortcoming in other areas.

Probably not, from the authors README

Edvina AB
Olle E. Johansson

Project started: 2012-06-15
Project ended: 2012-07-09

You will have to stay right there or continue to patch sip.c in any later versions. Asterisk remains a B2BUA and you are still trying to pretend it is a proxy. I just you you use the right tools for the job, here you didn’t :wink: