How to receive email notifications from voicemail


I’m new at FPBx, I’ve set up a trunk and it’s working great for incoming/outgoing calls.

I was wondering how to set up voicemail notifications when an extensions have a new VM.

Do I need to have a mail server?

I’ve just set up the basic information at the extension settings, I mean I’ve enabled the VM notifications and type an email but nothing happens when I left a new VM

Thanks in advance

First check you spambox. My freepbx used to send notifications from something like [email protected] (so no valid email/fqdn) which were refused by my mail server. I did some tweaking which resulted in this working.

I’ve checked my spam but there’s no notification about a new VM message. I don’t know which setting I should look for

Check the wiki how to configure your PBX for email.
I think that’s for sysadmin pro, but it’s just 25$ and it’s worth it.

Thank you, that’s what I thought.


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