How to reboot Freepbx remotely from internet connection

My sip provider wants me to reboot my server. I am away and need to do it remotely. Is there a way to do it if i am able to login thru web interface?

FreePBX can’t be rebooted it’s a program.

I can’t see any need to reboot a server. At most you want to restart asterisk.

What Operating System are you running? If CentOS the command is ‘service asterisk restart’

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If you can get to the FreePBX web interface, on the tools tab there is a toll for the asterisk cli and there is also java ssh to to get you to the linux cli.


Levi, the previous commenter (edit: not Bill - apparently he and I were posting our replies at the same time - I’m referring to the one before him) is known for giving questionable advice, and in this case he’s flat-out wrong, if only in his assumption that you wanted to “reboot FreePBX” - how he got that out of your original message I’ll never know. If you can SSH into your server and get a Linux command prompt, you can do this:

shutdown -r now

(the -r is what makes it reboot). If you don’t allow root logins on your server, then you will have to put sudo in front of the above command, as I believe it can only be run with root privileges.

If you don’t have direct SSH access to your server and can only get to the FreePBX GUI, then you can go to Tools, then click on Java SSH. This should get you to a command prompt on your server, where you can issue the above command (you may have to press ENTER once or twice first, and of course you’ll have to login). If for some reason you can’t get to a Linux command prompt at all, then about the best you can do is, also from the Tools menu, click on Asterisk CLI and type in “restart now” or if you don’t want to interrupt any calls in progress, “restart when convenient” (without the quotes). That will restart Asterisk, although it won’t reboot the system.

I get it that your provider wants you to do this, and you want to comply. In my mind, that ought to be reason enough to answer your question as you asked it, regardless of whether I would personally see any need to do it.

The command “reboot” also works at the CENTOS command line.