How to read the CDR reports?

The built-in CDR reports are indeed quite helpful. Though, I find them also quite confusing. When looking at the overall list of calls I’ll see the same call listed multiple times - all entries having the same SystemID. Clicking on the details of that SystemID doesn’t make it any more clear as to why its listed multiple times in the overall report.

Here’s an example from a recent CDR report showing the list of calls (not the call detail)

Your help is much appreciated.

I’m gonna guess that you haven’t looked at the /var/log/asterisk/full logs to get the skinny on what the system is doing.

Given that, it looks like you have a couple devices connected to a single extension, and since each instance of a call to or from the PBX is listed in the CDR, this report isn’t too surprising.

Asterisk is a back-to-back user agent, so everything happens to Asterisk. There’s no such thing as a “unified” call, especially in the logs and in the CDR. It’s a mirage; a phantasm provided by the PBX to make all of the legs of the call work. Around Asterisk 1.8, a conscious decision was made to log every piece of every leg of every call, so that troubleshooting call problems could identify which parts of the call worked and which parts didn’t. You’ll see the same thing with Ring Goups - every ringing phone generates a line in the CDR with one of them getting answered.

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