How to put * asterisk in a company for business purpose?

Hello guys,

I am doing asterisk server for my company, as i need to use dundi to link 2 servers together, initially i put my server connected with Global IP address directly. Unfortunately it’s hacked by some one else…Now i want to do something for it…

I want to ask the pros here generally for business purpose what do you do to put the * server? Personally i think there are two options:

1, assign one global IP address to this server, and then install firewall for linux server.

  1. Put this server behind the company firewall (better and safer) and assign one local ip address to it. But need to configure the company network like open the ports for asterisk, use NAT or DMZ to link the local IP address to a global IP address. But in this way the company existing network will become dangerous.

Any person has any idea?

And if the company network assigned by ISP is not static global ip address, rather than it it’s dynamic… How to solve this problem as dundi will need to know the Glocal ip address to connect to for 2 servers.

Thanks in advance