How to protect a queue from callers

Hi, We currently testing a trixbox installation and have used Freepbx to set-up and configure the box and it is running tremendously well. We have an generic IVR configured to which can transfer callers to a child IVR. This child IVR has a number of options to send the caller off to various queues. However we would like to protect some of the options with a password/pin number so that only callers with a valid pin can gain access to the queues. We have looked at pin sets but this doesn’t seem to be the correct route, we also searched on the Internet but the queries we have used bring up options to password protect queues from agents not callers. Initially we are happy with using just the one pin number for all customers for testing purposes then to proceed to using a sql backend to allow us to uniquely give each customer their own pin. Has anyone any suggestions on which direction we should proceed; we presume it could be the customer_app route but being new to freepbx and asterisk we are not sure how to implement this?

there is not anything setup in FreePBX/Asterisk that will provide the query/response pin per customer that you are looking for. If you were looking to have something developed for you it could be done but would be custom. It could be developed as a module so you could use it to easily configure it - it just depends on how much work/expense you wanted. Or of course you could develop it yourself. Otherwise, you can simply use an IVR with a static ‘pin’ which was nothing more then a long option number which they would have to know.

Thanks for you swift response, we would potentially look at building a custom module as we are software engineers, however we have absolutely no experience with asterisk programming? Depending on third party development vs internal we would make a decision, however as we are still “testing” the system probably neither route would be an option at the moment? However to show the management the potential how can we set a static pin for an IVR, do we need to edit the config files? I have created a PIN set however I cannot see a way to assign it to an IVR?

Create an IVR with a message saying ‘please enter your pin’ and then make a single option which is the pin. Use that as the destination of the main IVR and have the destination of the ‘pin’ be your queue.