How to possibly connect analog paging/intercom system into VOIP FreePBX system

We have an old paging/intercom system at one of our schools that needs to be replaced. I am exploring how to use our new FreePBX VOIP system to take over that functionality and only using the phone speakers themselves is not going to do it.

Does a multi-channel (30-40 channels exist)? For example, each analog speakers should connect to a box so that I could configure an extension that would only broadcast over that particular speaker. Or am I thinking of this wrong and there is a better way of accomplishing the use of the speakers by the VOIP system while maintaining the ability to use them individually.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Assuming your phones are not ancient, pretty much every device of quality in the last 10 years supports multicast paging.

A combination of direct multicast and the built in paging module will handle most things.

Thank you Jared, but I am not referring to multicast. I am referring to having multiple channels (physical connections) for multiple speakers so that I may send a page to only ONE classroom if I choose.

You can separately multicast on multiple ip addresses and/or ports it is up to the listener as to what it will play

Yes, that is why I said a combination of multicast and the built in paging module.

For 1 to 1, you can even use intercom.

further , you can use your phones to page/intercom as per and use ffmpeg or similar to play scheduled bells and automatically triggered announcements bypassing the PBX , even when if it is not working.

Grandstream, Algo, Viking and a few others offer wall and ceiling mount poe IP ‘speakers’ to supplement desk phones.

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