How to point an inbound route to an outbound

Is it possible to point forward an inbound call for example form cucm to the outbound route. Currently I am able to call ext from cucm into freepbx. but when I try to dial an external number it fails from cucm, I know it reaches my free pbx because I am able to see it. I can dial externly via freepbx

Set the inbound context for the trunk to “from-internal” and it should be able to call out.

were do I do this from the inbourd


See emphasis for more information.

found it and updated it. still no change. do you need any screenshots?

That is a serious error that will allow any anonymous caller to call out through your PBX. Don’t do that.

If you want to do something like that, at least use DISA and use a decent PIN code to control outdial access…

I enable this and not it askes me for the pin I enter the pin and then I get dial tone…

ourbound calls currently work from FreePBX but not from CUCM. I currently able to dial from cucm to free pxb and from free pbx to cucm but not out from cucm. I don’t care much for a pin or not this is just a lab environment for testing purposes, so any suggestion is welcome.

so this is what I have I have a sip trunk from cucm that points to freepbx is it possible to forward any call for example xxxxxxxxxx to the outbound trunk and leave 6xxx to route internally