How to place Holiday Announcements?

I am using FreePBX ( GUI and I have already recorded our Thanksgiving Announcement, but I am lost on where to place the announcement. I received a crash-course on how the basics work in the system but didn’t get to the holiday placement before my predecessor left. If there is somewhere someone could direct me to i would deeply appreciate it!


Where do calls go now?

Ring group?

IVR then Canada…LOL

IVR is where the regular everyday announcements go. So when I replace replace that MAIN announcement with the holiday one, after it’s done it won’t play the IVR choices.

The IVR choices are not automated. It is all based on hat the user records. So your main greeting says press 1 for foo, 2 for bar… this is because that’s how you recorded it and is unrelated to the actual options.

You can just change the greeting. Note if someone presses 1 that will work as it is programmed.

You can set the recording as an announcement that passes to hangup or a voicemail box if you want. Then in inbound route point it to the announcement rather than the IVR

Thank You James!! Got it up and running after thinking logically about it. Mr. Spock would be proud!