How to pickup a call ringing at another extension

There’s probably an easy way to do this, but I don’t seem to find it.

When a call is ringing in to an extension, how can I pick it up from my extension?


If you are in the same pickup group you should be able to dial *8 to pick up a call rinnging on another extensions.

Is pick-up group same as ring-group?

No, the pick-up group(s) to which an extension belongs is defined in the extension config ‘pickupgroup’.

Any extension(s) in the same pickup group can answer each other’s calls with *8.


Group pickup is *8, it’s disabled by default iirc you may need to add the following to your /etc/asterisk/features.conf

[code:1]pickupexten => *8[/code:1]

Directed call pickup, to answer a call ringing at another xnt that you know the number of is **. So if xtn 101 is ringing, dial **101 to answer it.

Thanks a lot, its been a great help.

I think (in 1.4 at least) that *8 is built-in and enabled by default - just FYI.

show features in CLI should tell you.


As I know, you could pickup internal calls but the problem is when it comes from outside.

how can I do to pickup it?

I would guess that the server showing 2.4.1 as up to date may be a trixbox. trixbox have forked freepbx so they have their own pace of versioning.
it may ofcourse be that you simply need to install the ‘upgrade…’ module to get up to date with the 2.5 branch.

I am really confused I have 2 asterisk servers both under module admin say they are up to date but on one I have a core of and on the other I have and o2.5.1.3 which is the older ser I have call pick while on the newer server 2.4.1 i don’ have it working and cannot seem to get it to work.

the other question I have how does one make call recording work on demand *1 does nothing for me on both server.


I am trying to pickup a ringing extension from another extension, have tried ** and 8, FPBX (* is the default in this version). Using sip trunks no zap channels.

To use ** to pickup a call you need to also add the extention number

e.g. extension 613 is ringing, you dail **613

Sorry, did not mention but I am dialing the extension number after pressing either ** or *8.

After rebooting the system, the ** started working. Thanks

I am using key **Extention to Pickup Remote call in analog, but can not successful.
My analog connect to FXS Audiocodes Mediant1000.

No, have different.