How to perform a pull request?

(Lonely Admin) #1

I have an issue over on that I’ve been instructed to make a pull request for. I’ve done this before for other projects on github, but I’m uncertain where to do it for this request. I’ve been going in circles and most of the docs/wikis are not current for development.

One I found here references here but is a 404.

I’m not sure if I need to be going to:


How does a pleb like me create a pull request for a perceived issue with FreePBX?

(Greg Kujawa) #2

If it’s a specific module then that GitHub repo should be in there. If it’s the base system itself I’d guess that would be here --> Never done it myself, just an uneducated guess!

(Simon Telephonics) #3

Sign in at, fork the module you want to work on, and then commit your changes and submit your PR.

(Lonely Admin) #4

How do you get an account at

(Lonely Admin) #5

It’s the userman module.

Sorry, should’ve included a link to my issue.

(Simon Telephonics) #6

All info here:

As far as I recall, it’s just the same login as your forum account. I do not recall whether any additional permissions are needed.

(TheJames) #7

You will need to submit a CLA as well.

(Simon Telephonics) #8

They are all modules. The base FreePBX system is the module called framework. The core module contains “core” functionality: extensions, trunks, outbound & inbound routes. Now you can make slightly more-educated guesses. :slight_smile: (Or bug fixes!)

(Lonely Admin) #9

So the CLA is required before you can do a pull request?

(Lorne Gaetz) #10

Yes, required for PR to be merged.

(Lonely Admin) #11

Are there different agreements for individuals vs corporate?

(Jared Busch) #12

Once you have your CLA, go to and click fork.

That will make a copy under your account.

Click the 3 dots and choose create branch from here.

Choose bugfix, choose “release/15.0” in branch from.
Name it “FREEPBX-22572” or “FREEPBX-22572-add-tls-to-ldap” or something.
Click create.

Now edit the file or apply your patch to this branch and commit it. WHen you commit it make sure you have “Fixes FreePBX-22572” as part of the commit message.

Then click Create pull request

Select the proper branches. and hit continue (it is a matching color button and hard to see sometimes).

Add in a message (sorry no screenshot). and hit submit pull request.

(Lorne Gaetz) #13

There is only one CLA, and it serves for both cases where you contribute the code personally or on behalf of your employer.

(Lonely Admin) #14

Thanks for the ELI5 version, I needed this!

(Lonely Admin) #15

I appreciate the clarification.

(Jared Busch) #16

I try to be a bit thorough because I don’t know who will read anything in the future.