How to obtain a dial tone when I press 9

I want to implement this feature which is as follows:

When you pickup the receiver you will hear dial tone by default, now I press 9 to get another dial tone to dial outside number. This is the way the existing PBX is working. Will I be able to implement something similar to this?

I have asterisk 1.6.2 and freepbx 2.8.1. Thanks!


No. It’s your own dialplan and unique to your PBX. If you are using 9 as an exit code, you must have programmed it into your ATA, unless you went with a catch-all dial plan like “XX.” which takes anything numerical and sends it to the PBX after the digit timeout.

Ask Google about “linksys ata dialplan” to get some ideas how to set up a proper one on the SPA8000 for your PBX. And then use the “9,” on the parts of your dialplan related to outside calls.

Add a , (comma) after the 9 in the dial plan you have configured on your analog gateway. This works on my Linksys ATA (3102) and will probably work on yours also.

is there a way for you to paste the dialplan here???


I agree to your explanation and I also want to implement the same without having to dial 9. But I was curious to know how to configure SPA8000 to generate second dial tone when I press 9.


This might be configurable at the PBX if you’re using skinny endpoints. (SCCP)

For SIP or analog/SIP transport, it would depend on whether the endpoint (or adapter or analog gateway) has the capability to configure what you’re describing.

I have one SIP phone and other analog phones connected via Linksys SPA8000. I am not sure where to look for, to make the changes. Any help is appreciated.


The thing you have to remember is that in a VOIP system, the dial tone is not generated by the switch, but rather by the telephone instrument itself.

With the Asterisk/Freepbx switch there is really now need to dial a “9”, depending on how you configure the dialplans. As we have implemented our systems(s) one of the things our employees have been excited about is not having to dial 9.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the second dial tone issue. Just include that fact in your training.

I just put a 70 phone system in at our police department. They went from a Centrex system (dialing 9). I don’t think there was a single issue concerning that.