How to not connect calls to Voice Mail


I have a queue setup for support after hours…so it’s a queue that calls 4 different mobile numbers… and who ever answers the phone gets the call…

The problem is that if a technician mobile is switched off or at an area where there are not reception, then the call gets transferred to his voice mail.

Is it possible in Freepbx to do not connect a call to Voice Mail? so basically if voice mail, then I want the system to continue ringing other numbers.

I tried to set Ring Group but it’s the same thing…

please let me know if there is any solution to this or even a work around.


make local extensions members of the queue then use follow me on those extensions to your users’ mobile phones… on each of the follow me configuarions, check “confirm”, this will mean that person has to answer phone and hit “1” as a confirmation to accept the call. if the mobile VM picks up, call is not confirmed and queue keeps trying elsewhere

Ok… thanks… that’s sounds like a solution to me…

Thanks again