How to modify the SIP login name

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currently I have connected all of my family members by using It is an asterisk provider running ast + a modified freepbx version. If i set up an extension then I can login with my SIP phones by using the loginname bungee-1000 for the extension 1000. The prefix “bungee-” is used to distinguish between the different tenants on the same pbx System.

Now I have running an own AST+freePBX on a vServer. I want to switch all family members to my own productive PBX now, by changing the DNS A record pointing to the new productive system with the possibility to switch back immediately during maintenance. Currently I have to login to my own PBX by using the extensionnumber ONLY.

How can I change the configuration of my vServer to accept a loginname like bungee- ?

I found a the following thread:

Should that function be the key for a resolution of my problem or does anybody know a better way.

I would be very appreciated if someone could help me in this issue.

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Well this way the PBXes is the main box passing calls to your other box.

You get full use of your box.

OK login at
create a exten now go back into the exten do down to the box
dial and change it to sip/[email protected]

save it

Your box must allow for the inbound sip calls

If I create an IVR I create an inbound route for it.

say my exten on PBXes is 7000 and I want all calls which hit it to hit my IVR I create a rule for DID 7000 to the IRV I want

If you call the 1.50 a month DID I have at for testing it get forwarded to server in new orleans LA via my sip address ([email protected]) so no outbound charges for that “leg” of the call
That box then takes the inbound call and sends it out via SIP “FREE” trunk to my Offices / cell phone “paid”

OK I have a few folks who have @home running at home behind
a cable or DSL router. here is what I have them do.

Sign up at PBXES.COM (so the box is always up)

And point the PBXES exten to the @home box (that way they get the UPTIME of the remote hosted box VM if the @home is down)
Using Vitelity and the subaccount feature they can alway have the outbound calling on both boxes.

use sip/[email protected] in the dial rule and set your box to accept the call
handle it as you would any call. You can setup a inbound route based on the DID (the pbxes exten)

They get the best of both worlds FREE / CHEAP remote pbx and the @home box use for FAXes / IVR / CONFerence calling

Hi Bubba,

your advice sounds promising :wink: Unfortunately I dont understand exactly your instructions. At this time all 6 existing sip phones are registered with I cannot see any option in the interface to ‘point’ my existing ext. to my own PBX.

Additionally i cannot configure to use sip/[email protected] as destination, I can only choose one of my existing trunks.

I think that I am totally wrong and dont understand what you mean. I want to use only as backup system to my own productive system with root access.

Please, could you be so kind to describe more detailed what I shall configure on my own pbx and on pbxes? :wink:

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