How to make XMPP working with SIP Messaging? It is possible?

Hi there,
I’m using FreePBX verison 15.0.23 for VoIP and openfire for IM. I used the Jitsi for both XMPP & SIP but it stopped update by official. Do we any new alternative method?
Any help will be appreciated.

Anyone know this? :rofl:

Anyone know this? :smiley:

No, you will need to be far more explicit as to your problem.

I am using Jitsi as our communication application to combine FreePBX(For VoIP) and Openfire(For IM). It works fine but the official has been stopped updating the desktop version. So is there any better replacement for Jitsi?

Hi diko,

Here is some more information:

  1. The client must be the windows version

  2. No matter Free or Paid but support XMPP & SIP at the same time

  3. We need to persist the FreePBX but can replace the Openfire if we have to.

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