How to make XMPP working with SIP Messaging? It is possible?

Good day,

It is possible to make XMPP chat to work with SIP messaging? I use a 3rd party VoIP app on my iPhone called Bria Mobile for voice communication and that app also offer XMPP chat so I’d setup XMPP on my FreePBX server, the app seem login correctly into the XMPP server but, when I try to send an SMS to another cellphone the message never get received by the other phone. When sending the message directly using UCP WebGUI it work without any issues. Other parties are able to get my SMS and vice versa.

Right now I’m using the UCP WebGUI to send and receive SMS but on my iPhone there no way to get notified by Safari so I’d miss all my text messages. No very good.

Thanks in advance for help!


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