How to make virtual extension auto answer?


I am building an iPhone call recorder. Therefore I need a phone number the USER could conference in on their phone that would strictly automatically answer and record the line.

For example, the USER receives a call on their cell. If they need to record it they tell the caller “just a moment”, then use the “Add Call” feature on their iPhone to dial the special phone number on our FreePBX.

So I tried to build this, I have connected my sip-trunk and set my inbound route destination to a virtual extension. But now I am stuck, I don’t know how to auto answer calls on the virtual extension.

So my questions are:

  1. How can I auto answer and record calls on the virtual extension?
  2. Is is possible to record simultaneous calls? if yes, how can I do this?

I hope you guys could help me out.

FreePBX version:

P.S. I am new to FreePBX so please keep it simple.


I thought we went through all this, no?

So once again,

create the extension NNNN,
enable voicemail on NNNN,
in extension->advanced set the not reachable destination to voicemail NNNN (no message)

Do you still remember how to change the voicemail length limit?
Do remember how to forward the recording to an email address?
Bear in mind that a two hour resording in WAV format might exceed email size limitations.

Now you owe me some of your valuable SOFTWARE ENGINEERING TIME, I have a project for you :slight_smile:


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