How to make pstn call on remote asterisk box?

Hi there,

I followed this link to connect 2 asterisk boxes with IAX trunk. Basically all work fine and I can make call to extensions on each side.

Now, I connect pstn line to each box on both sides. I want to receive inbound call at 1 box and allow the caller to make outbound call on pstn line at the other box. Any idea how to setup this? Thanks for all your input.

 {pstn}-----[Asterisk1]---(IAX trunk)---[Asterisk2]-----{pstn}

You simply use inbound and outbound routes to send the calls to the correct server.

The inter-system trunks should be in the from-internal context. Create an outbound route and point it to your IAX trunk.

Same thing on inbound route.

Tks for your suggestion, I was thinking it in too complicated ways LOL … the simplest configuration works the best at last.

Now, I have this setup in my lab environment. In real world, I want to have multiple outbound pstn calls (using a pstn or gsm gateway device) For concurrent multiple calls, how to configure asterisk for 1st available outbound line hunting? Or probably round-robin outbound? Can I simply play around trunk sequence in outbound route properties in asterisk?

Again, thanks.