How to make attended transfers in Sangoma Phone Desktop Client?

I used the Zulu Desktop Client before and were glad to have the opporiunity to make attended transfers. In the successor this seams not to be possible any more. I still have the same buttons for transfering calls but it doesn’t seam to work or maybe not the same way as in Zulu or I don’t understand how the workflow is now for making attended transfers. In the wiki I can’t find any information to the topic. Is this feature still not implemented yet?
Kind regards

Sadly this feature is still missing in Sangoma Phone Desktop. The workaround is to merge the two calls into a conference and leave the conference.

Hello joni1802,
thank you for the quick reply. And thank you more for the great work with the new german speech files for freepbx. It is a pleasure.
Best regards!

No problem. Glad I could help.

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