How to make amportal restart does not delete my added manually iptables rules !?

i need to ad manually iptable rules , the problem is once restart amportal or reboot OS i found all my added rules has deleted !
i need method to make rules persistent during amportal restart / OS reboot

i am using ast13 + freepbx 14

This is OS dependent. See (just as an example). Find and follow the equivalent instructions for your system.

i already did this solution but once amportal restart or OS reboot, all iptables rules deleted

1- after freepbx booted

2- iptables after add my rule

3- iptables after amportal restart

why amportal delete all saved iptables rules ?
so, how can i put specific persist rule manually ?

Do you have the FreePBX Firewall enabled?

dear lgaetz thanks a lot , i uninstalled FreePBX Firewall from modules and solved >>

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lgaetz , that mean i can leave FreePBX Firewall enabled andy add my custom FW rules ?

Yes. Lorne specifically added this functionality to the Integrated Firewall for cases like yours.

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I merely pointed to the wiki. This specific feature was provided by @xrobau.

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My mistake - I meant Rob…

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