How to make a call through FreePbx server in the same LAN?

Hi All,
I have two freepbx server in same network. To make it easier to understand, the first Pbx machine I call RasPbxA. Another device named RasPbxB.

  1. I can make calls between extensions within the same server.
    (Ext.1011 call to Ext.1012) or (Ext.2011 call to Ext.2012)

  2. I registered sip account from RasPbxB in to trunk of RasPbxB.
    (registerd Sip account 2010)

  3. For Inbound, I setup any call to ringing to Ext1011. It’s ok.
    (use Ext.2011 or Ext.2012 call 2010, Ext.1011 is ringing)

  4. I have set outbound trunks on RasPbxA and use 99 for prefix when I call to extension of RasPbxB

  5. I think problem is how to setup the correct trunk both incoming and outgoing on Trunk menu.

  6. That’s my problem
    I can not call from Ext.1012 to Ext.2011.

Any suggestions?

It sounds like you are trying to use an extension as a trunk when you should use an intracompany trunk, symmetrically, matched by IP, not user name, so no registration.

In the future I intend to put RasPbxB in another site, so test it first, which still doesn’t work. Any advice?

I tried to use it with dinstar uc100 it works.
If I change RasPbxA to dinstar and set it as asked. I am able to make calls through the trunk of the dinstar registered sip account with Ext.2010 from RasPbxB is working.

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