How to logout all users?


I’m using freepbx with AMPEXTENSIONS=deviceanduser mode enable in order to allow my user to login and logout on differents phones in the comapny.

I’m looking for a way to logout all my users every night. How can I do that?

Thank you for your help.

Would it be possible to execute an AGI command from the cli or somewhere without the need for the remote phone to answer the call.

For instance I’d like to run the script user_login_out.agi with the following parameters: “logout” and “RemotePhoneExtension” so that it will logout the user and log back in the default user on the phone?

As anyone made any progress on this. I also would like to be able to logout users at the end of the day in deviceanduser mode. Either from the cli or by any other way that could be scripted.