How to lock down your FreePbx from outside attacks , sensitization of Firewall to blacklist people faster

Dear all ,
I would like to know to make the responsive firewall more sensitive to brute force attacks ,
and if there are any other common practices for systems that are exposed to the internet ,

so I have a Freepbx on the net , with the SIP on standard ports , are there any other ways to filter out the brute force attacks ?

like people trying to call out , trying to register , testing passwords and .e.t.c ? and to set up some specific network indicators to block

thank you in advance

If your PBX is publicly exposed you probably would save yourself alot of headache and needless traffic by using Non-Standard ports. Also adding an SBC would be a great safety measure. Sangoma makes some awesome SBC in both appliance and VM versions.

In one particularly environment we couldn’t change the ports for internal SIP clients but I was able to change the PJSIP port and only expose that to the outside world.

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