How to listen to system sounds

Is there an option in the GUI to listen to System recordings? I can only see the files that I have uploaded

You can click on any of the system recordings which will add them to the list of recordings, once its added you can play it. Then remove the ones you don’t need.

Where is the link to display the list of system recordings? All I see are recordings I have made and uploaded.

System recordings are not the same as audio files that might be on the system already,.

What are you trying to accomplish exactly?

A user wants to hear various recordings in French.

What exactly are system recordings then?

Ones you have uploaded via the admin → system modules

What exactly do you mean by ‘various recordings in French’ ?

Maybe I mean to say sounds, such as those in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds

You can import them with admin → system recordings → add system recordings

( yes incorrect re-entrant grammar so confusing )

These sounds part of the French language pack. I’m not trying to create new sounds. I guess there is no place to review them in the GUI

I thought I just told you how. Did you try it?

I know how to add recordings from my local storage but can’t see where to import from the /var/lib directory on my server

Not sure which bit of

You can import them with admin → system recordings → add system recordings

you are missing :wink: you will of course need to choose one and then ‘submit’ it

Got it. A bit clunky. I’ll just sftp them to local storage and listen with an app.

A less ‘clunky’ way I use from a linux shell that can sox . . .

ssh [email protected] 'cat /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/zombies.wav' |play -

I’ll try that from my Ubuntu laptop

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