How to listen caller tune as ringback tone

I am using Asterisk 16.10 and FreePBX and we can communicate through a softphone(Zoiper) to mobile phone by using AWS chime.
I have set Asterisk Trunk Dial Options to Rr under Trunk configuration and I got the ringing sound as a ringback tone.
Now I want to listen the caller tune as ringback tone which was set by the mobile service provider.
How to configure the FreePBX? Please help me.

You can’t hear the destinations ring tone. That is on their side, not yours.

Sorry Tom, you can’t understand my question. I am asking for caller tume as ring back tone. When we call any mobile number we get ring tone (cring cring) as ring back tone. if mobile user set a caller tune(song) through his service provider, we can hear the song instead of cring cring.

I want to set up that feature through Asterisk and FreePBX. I know it is possible through Asterisk settings but dont know how to set up.

Yes, you would normally leave Asterisk Trunk Dial Options blank. What happens when you do that?

If you hear only silence when the called phone is ringing, you need to troubleshoot why there is no incoming RTP or why it is being misdirected.

You want it for who? Individual extensions? For the main trunk on incoming calls, outgoing calls?

Specifically, it looks to me that the “r” option takes precedence over “R” and inhibits early media.