How to Interpret CDR Usage Files

Hello! I am working on getting set up with SIPStation. I downloaded a CDR report (from each month with no conditions) in csv format, made sure I allowed for enough lines (I think the default is 100 - I increased to 50,000 and checked the file to make sure there were fewer than 50,000 lines in the table), then added the “billsec” and divided to 60 to get total minutes. Is there another way to find out how much time we spend on the phone? Our number seems rather low for two inbound lines that ring “all the time.” We blew through our 21 days of trial minutes (which we used for outbound calls only) in about a day, so I’m concerned we may not be saving as much as I think we will if we switch from the phone company.

We are heavy intranet users, our internet usage is limited to ordering, and looking stuff up. Is 60 mpbs down and 5 mbps up going to allow us enough bandwidth to make a go of this?

I am trying to get a time scheduled with at tech rep, but would also appreciate responses from a variety of individuals / organizations if you have the time.

Thank you for your time!

Obviously you need to filter the calls for only those that are outgoing, but there can be complex cases where more than one CDR can be produced, and sometimes they can overlap.

Also, providers often bill in units of more than one second, so you may have to round up the individual call durations, before summing them.

SipStation don’t seem to want to publicise their billing policies, and even make the fair usage caveat fail the colour contrast rules of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. They also seem to use the terms trunk and channel interchangeably.

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