How to install TDMoE on t400p card!

I have 2 trixbox server. One server contains 2 zaptel T400p T1 card and another server contains just nic and a exntension number configured. Now i want to connect two server using TDMoE but i cannot successed.

I configured my system for TDMoE according to following tutorial
but i am not able to bring my zaptel card on.

Is there any tutorials i can study to make it work or if anybody have sucess story please share…

Thanks in advance

I’ve not played with TDMoE but that link is full of data that is 5 or 6 years out f date now. There are easier ways to connect two asterisk servers together. one is to use a SIP or IAX tunnel between the two servers. The other is to configure Dundi which uses a IAX tunnel and allows for some more loose setup on things so that each and every extension does not need to be defined on both at the same time.

Search this site for connecting two asterisk or trixbox’s together. it’s streight forward.