How to install Sangoma Phone Desktop on Mac

Hello, Windows user here.

Can someone please explain how to install Sangoma Phone Desktop for Mac? What do they need to select on Github and what is the installation process for the application?

I can try it out myself later if no one can help but don’t have access to a Mac today for a few hours. I know how to do this for Windows and everything is tested and ready to go on the PBX. I’d rather not send the Github link to the end user and tell them to figure it our for themselves.

Thank you.

To get latest stable, use this github link Release 3.9.1 · sangoma/desktop-softphone · GitHub

Even if you do install an older version, it will present you with an option to update.

Thanks Lorne. I can get this far. I am specifically asking what Asset to download and what the installation process is from there for Mac. Is it a single click, run, install process. For example, for Windows I can use the .exe file.

For Mac download the .dmg file. As any other app in Mac, you need to ‘drag & drop’ the app icon to the Applications folder.

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Thank you.

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