How to install lame?

I need lame for converting wav recordings as it keeps saying

"You are missing support for the following HTML5 codecs: oga,mp3,m4a. To fully support HTML5 browser playback you will need to install programs that can not be distributed with FreePBX. If you’d like to install the binaries needed for these conversions click ‘Resolve’ in the lower left corner of this message. You can also safely ignore this message but browser playback might not work in your browser.’

when I run yum install lame, I get :

No package lame available.
Error: Nothing to do

you don’t NEED lame, you need something that handles mp3 files.

ffmpeg should cover them all.

cd /usr/local/src 
tar -xvf lame-3.99.5.tar.gz 
rm lame-3.99.5.tar.gz 
cd lame-3.99.5 
make install

I am not using mp3 but wav files and get that error. Will ffmpeg still be what I need?

All the audio and video formats you can thi k of (and a few more :slight_smile: )

I read the site but where are the instructions for installing on Freepbx? I found several none for distro

this script?

I don’t use the “distro”, perhaps some-one who does can help.

If you use the new distro these are already installed. If you use the old distro there is no way to get them

so I need to upgrade from freepbx13 to 14?

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