How to install firewall

I would like to install the firewall module, but apparently I’m missing a module called “manager”?

My FreePBX VM is running behind my corporate firewall without any ports exposing it to the internet. Is a firewall needed?

What operating system is this, is it the FreePBX Distro? If so those should be installed by default. Was this server upgraded from a previous FreePBX version?

I’m running FreePBX from the ISO downloaded from I have upgraded multiple times (13 > 14 > 15 IIRC). System Admin is installed BTW.

‘manager’ is the module for managing AMI users I believe. In the GUI you’d be looking for “Asterisk API” under the “Settings” section of Module Admin. Or just do fwconsole ma downloadinstall manager followed by fwconsole reload at the Linux shell.

The FreePBX firewall could add a layer of security especially if you at some point want to have ports forwarded to your VM, or restrict what devices on your local network can access administrative resources, etc.

Thanks, that did the job.

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