How to install chan_dongle on Freepbx 2.11

Hi all!!

I want to install chan_dongle on my Freepbx 2.11 and I don’t know exactly what I have to do.

I’ve read I have to compile asterisk again, but not sure what really have to do.

Any help please? My machine does work with Asterisk 1.8.


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Install asterisk-devel and compile version of chan_dongle 1.8!

I have chan_dongle in Freepbx 12 and works fine!

confirmed working on 64bit?

DESTDIR="/usr/lib64/asterisk/modules" ./configure

note: need to copy dongle.conf to /etc/asterisk and amportal restart

all works fine


Works in Asterisk 13?

not working on Asterisk ver. 13