How to install a patch for Cisco phones?

I have read many people getting asterisk to connect properly with Cisco IP phones, in my case Cisco 8841s. I have ran a test freepbx vm and installed the patch and then after reboot it didn’t work saying freepbx couldn’t connect to asterisk and then running fwconsole not working with asterisk.

Has anyone installed a patch for Cisco phones that would be able to assist me?

You cannot simply patch Asterisk and expect that it works. You have to use the procedure for a freePBX machine (version!).

Just in case…read the pdf file…

I have patched asterisk… not freepbx I know but the only issue seems to be is with the xmmp module.

That PDF from that other post is not working.

No Cisco phones discussion would be complete without mentioning the SCCP Channel Driver (see Interesting new success with Chan-SCCP-B and SCCP-Manager (both from GitHub)).

The advantage is that it doesn’t require you to patch Asterisk and it works with FreePBX. It’s an easier solution, and if you do it for each of the Asterisk versions you want to use, you could even (theoretically) use the asterisk version switch script to move from version to version.

The Cisco 8841 IP Phone is a SIP phones and not a SCCP phone.

Maybe this will point you in the right direction?

I think…it isn’t worth to adjust a freePBX-distro to work with Cisco phones…anymore. For example, the Sangoma/Digium D65 phones are great phones for a reasonable price…and they are made for Asterisk! I used dozens of Ciscos in the past (7975, 8961) and liked them, but once everything works…you cannot update your freePBX system anymore, because it usually breaks things.

IIRC, Diethrich has made provisions for the 88xx series phone in the new code. If they work with CUCM, they should work with Chan-SCCP-B.

I’d agree that modifying the Asterisk kernel to do this is no longer supportable. The chan-sccp-b method (adding a loadable kernel module) is easier and works across almost every update. I’ve been using this code non-stop for something like 8 years, and I just don’t have problems with it.

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