How to insert an extension in AsteriskNOW dpma_message_context to use with IM for X-Lite 4.5.5

Hi all, I’m a real rookie and I’m just trying to get things work.

All it’s working quite nice, calls go as a charm, but when I try to send an instant message to another x-lite (same version) extension, Asterisk logs report:

[2013-12-04 11:29:24] WARNING[6018][C-00000003] pbx.c: Channel ‘Message/ast_msg_queue’ sent to invalid extension but no invalid handler: context,exten,priority=dpma_message_context,s,1

No error on the x lite client, the message seems sent…

Any tip on how to correct/troubleshoot this case ?

Best regards,


No clue, sorry, never attempted to use X-Lite to do messaging.


Thank you anyway, Mal.


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