How to import CDR from Trixbox

I finally managed to migrate my Trixbox over to FreePBX over the weekend. I used the VMware Converter to virtualize the existing Trixbox server and proceeded to wipe and install FreePBX on it. This way I was able to continue run Trixbox on my VMWare cluster and re-build my PBX with FreePBX without my users seeing any service interruption.

It took me about 2 hours to configure and manually copy over the settings. I had both systems up side by side, just copying things over from each section in the FreePBX GUI. I then proceeded to copy voice mails, faxes, etc. Finally I turned off Trixbox, swapped the IP on FreePBX, and done. Flawless transition.

Except for one item…

I tried to import the Call detail reports database, I did a MySQL dump from Trixbox:

mysqldump -u root asteriskcdrdb > /root/asteriskcdrdb.sql

Then on the FreePBX I did:

mysql -u root asteriskcdrdb < asteriskcdrdb.sql

I think I broke something since the CDR screen in FreePBX is not working.

My question is:

  1. How to I restore the default asteriskcdrdb in FreePBX?
  2. How do I import the CDR’s from Trixbox to FreePBX?

I made this same mistake a few months ago, this is because cdr table columns were added (possibly renamed too) since TB. I was able to restore the proper CDR table format by uninstalling and reinstalling the FreePBX CDR module. You will prob have to manually remove the old entries.

Once you have restored the table, you can import old entries by manually editing the SQL dump to import to the revised column names. It took me several tries to get a decent import, so grab a backup before you start.

Actually I just discovered that with my old front end (asterisk-stat-v2 running on another server) the reports work just fine, new and old data is showing up.

What’s going on? did anything actually break? or is the CDR feature in FreePBX not functional?

Just noticed your reply. Would you know what columns of the top of your head? If not, I can probably get them from a new FreePBX installation I have sitting on a virtual machine.

No,I didn’t note the table structure before and after when I attempted this. I should have mentioned that when I un-installed the FreePBX CDR module and re-installed it, it just fixed the tables and kept the data intact.