How to implement sip username different from ext number

Hi Everyone,

Does any know how to implement sip username different from ext number with FreePBX?


You can add any Asterisk peer command, including username using the sip_custom_post information

Here is a table with the SIP commands:

Thank you for the info SkykingOH but I am hoping to do this with in FreePBX UI.

I also tried “User & Devices Mode” from advance settings but still FreePBX doesn’t allow me to create a AlphaNumeric username.

If you could do it from the GUI I would have told you how!

It’s simple matter to add the + and the extension number and a username.

I don’t have any other options.

It’s also good to get over command line phobia.

Thanks SkykingOH

Found this

But for some reason adding this to my sip_custom_post.conf doesn’t work.


I am getting this message.
NOTICE[2006] chan_sip.c: Registration from ‘"100"sip:[email protected]’ failed for ‘’ - No matching peer found

Did you read the docs I sent you?

That’s not all you have to do an username is deprecated.