How to I reload FreePBX from the command line to get new PJSIP endpoints

I have tried, dialplan reload, core reload (and variants) and it looks like it’s reloading the dial plan but it is not loading the pjsip endpoints. Also tried module reload

I’ve tried the Asterisk Command Line Module, looks like it’s doing something but it doesn’t do what I want

It only loads the new pjsip send endpoints if I click the APPLY button.

fwconsole reload

Half way there. Yes it does work if I run it from the root login at the console.

However I want to be able to run this from a PHP script which I can call using my browser.

When I do this though I am getting this error : [RCONFFAIL] - ‘fwconsole reload’ failed, config not applied (The command “/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx ‘core show version’” failed.

I’m guessing it is a permission issue. Any thoughts on this?

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