How to hide outbound caller ID - phone DID

is there any way to hide SIP trunk DID number - I remember there was * and so e digits in from of number to hide number

I’m a bit confused. You are trying to hide the CID or the DID?

If the provider recognizes the SIP privacy indicators, simply set the caller ID name to “hidden”

However, if the provider requires a prefix in front of the destination number, that varies by country; *67 is used in US and Canada.

Depending on your country, hiding outbound caller ID may not be a good idea, because many people simply won’t answer anonymous calls. It may be best to send the main company number (to provide agent privacy), or a number of yours that plays an announcement then disconnects.

All is I am trying to hide outbound DID. In some situation they need to hide the outbound DID by pressing the *67 in front of the number - seems like I have message from the provider asking for password.

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