How to go back to FreePBX admin page in 'page.timeconditions.php'?

Thank for any help.

I’m a newbie of FreePBX module developer, Have read the Wiki documents, but still some question:

  1. when the job finished in ‘page.timeconditions.php’, how to go back? Just header(‘Location: ~freepbx admin page~’); ?

  2. And if HTML form needed, I think display & handle in the same file(page.timeconditions.php) is not a good a idea. But if:

a) page.timeconditions.php act just as a form displayer
b) if another URI such as formHandler.php is set, the global $db will be unaviable :frowning:

  1. If I do both work (display HTML form & handle the input) in single ‘page.timeconditions.php’ file, when the form submit, the global $db will be aviable?

Thank you again.