How to get YUM working again on an older Trixbox Install

I have already manually upgraded my FreePBX on my older Trixbox install, however i want to also now update my CentOS and YUM is no longer working, when i call it i get “Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: trixbox. Please verify its path and try again”

Below is all the output. Can someone tell me what i need to do?

It was a Trixbox 2.6 install and its CentOS Linux 5

Determining fastest mirrors

Replace your server. Trixbox is unsupported and quit providing packages years ago

That i understand and I am aware of, but CentOS is still CentOS forget the Trixbox packages isnt there a way to update YUM to replace with CENTOS 5 packages. I am only looking to update native CentOS services.

Thank you

Don’t think there is a practical way to do this. Even though you say you’re dealing with only the centos stuff, you have to remember that there are tweaks made to the OS by the distributor. Since Trixbox is dead, you likely wont see any Centos updates that have those tweaks, so trying to do an OS update wold likely be very detrimental.


Even if you changed your yum repo files to suit, would having a fully updated OS and a very badly broken PBX be still detrimental to your system?

You basically have the distro specific repos base, updates,extras and addons, I conjecture that adding any Scmooze specific repos would be an even bigger nightmare for you to unravel.